Teach in Budapest – Our Teaching Opportunities

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The Afterschool is fully staffed for the academic year 2022-23!

We will welcome applications for the academic year 2023-3 from September 2023 onwards

Teach English in Budapest!

We are looking for an English native speaker teacher in Budapest for first and second language students.

Job Description:

Personal Qualities:

Additional Information / Benefits:

Are you looking for something more occasional? Lead one of our workshops or Summer camps!

Specialists interested in working freelance with us to offer workshops at the weekends for children or adults and/or children’s Summer camps are welcome to contact us.

Specialists should be native or near native speakers of English with the relevant qualifications and experience.

Examples would include drama, film-making or robotics, for children, aged 6 to 12, or professional development for adults, especially educationalists.

Check out our Facebook page for examples of past lessons, workshops and Summer camps.

Apply with CV and introductory email to Melanie Sefton at [email protected]