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Of our non-native speaker students reach fluency after 2 years


Of our native speaker students have successfully applied to English language universities


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From toddlers to adults, we offer a wide range of classes from second language beginners to advanced English native speakers! Join us know!


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Our Faqs

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions for your convenience

ENL stands for English Native Learner, while ESL means English as a Second Language.

We define native speaker students (ENL) as children who speak English at home and/or who have attended an English-medium school for two years or more. The English as a Second Language courses (ESL) are for children who have studied or are currently studying English but have not lived in a native English environment.

The needs of functional native speakers and second language speakers are vastly different.

While there can be some overlap in what they study, especially in teenage years – such as topics, presentation skills and writing techniques – the needs of native speakers and non-native speakers are rarely the same. ENL students already speak general English; however they need to focus on their academic language and literacy skills so they won’t fall behind their peers at home. ESL students need to improve their fluency, both written and spoken. All classes are taught a fun and engaging way.

All our courses are based on age and language level. Register for our admissions meeting to find out which class would most suit your child’s level.

We have classes every Monday to Friday from 15:00 to 18:00. A class is always 90 mins and is once a week.

Just fill out our registration form online or call us on the phone! We will contact you to set up a time for our admissions meeting.

No, the meeting is naturally free. Payments are only expected after you decided to enrol.

A semester is 1119 000 HUF. The price includes all costs, including classroom learning and materials, access to our family programmes, lending library and online home learning programme. Our first semester is from September till the end of January, our second semester is from the beginning of February till mid-June. Find out more about our fees and terms & conditions here.

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