Our team


 Our fantastic native speaker teachers:
Ms Melanie teaches the most advanced
classes in English in Buda . She is also
responsible for curriculum development
and for maintaining the highest quality
of our classes.
  Ms Mavis is an English native speaker
with bachelors in English language
and is currently studying master
in human resource management
in Budapest. She is highly motivated,
enthusiastic, passionate and
dedicated educator who wants children
to be successful learners.
Mavis loves singing and listening
to music is part of her hobby and
enjoys the life here
in Budapest and Europe in general.

Ms Rose is a qualified native speaker teacher
who has lived in Budapest from an early age.
She graduated from ELTE in Psychology. Her main
hobbies are Taekwondo,in which she’s the Hungarian
National champion, and playing the piano.

Ms Deanna is an energetic American
from Pennsylvania. She studied
English and Psychology at the University
of Miami and loves working with children.
She loves all sorts of books, games, music,
and dancing. Deanna has lived and taught
in several other European countries, but
life in Budapest is her favorite!
Mr Mark is our amazing bilingual classroom assistant.
At present he is studying to be an English and
Hungarian teacher. His love of teaching comes
from tutoring his peers all through secondary school.
His interests are board games and skateboarding.
Ms. Trang is an adventurous American from
Texas who studied Psychology and Political Science
at Austin College. She enjoys going for hikes,
practicing yoga, and sewing in her free time.
She previously taught in Colombia and Vietnam,
but now calls Hungary her home, with Budapest
holding a magical place in her heart.

Our hand picked partners for cultural and community events:

  Andrew Wright is our superior story teller.
He has written many books for language
teachers published by Oxford University Press,
Cambridge University Press and others.
He has specialised in the use of stories and
games in language teaching. ‘The food we eat
makes our bodies and the stories we hear and
tell make our minds.’We are so lucky to have him nearby.
  Maja Bumberák is great at musical storytelling.
Her storytelling is intertwined with singing
folksongs, playing the guitar and the flute.
She also uses riddles and games to develop
children’s imagination.
  Jay Miller is a jolly joker: he can teach you
to speak properly and he can teach you
to express yourself without words. He has
a Masters degree in Educational theatre
from New York University and has performed
and led pantomime, theatre and circus arts
workshops and classes as well as public
speaking courses around the world.
  Mr Marcus is a well-known artist,
exhibiting locally and internationally,
as well as being a  qualified Art teacher.
He has a unique eye for beauty.
He teaches arts in English in Buda
for Budapest Afterschool.