Fees, terms and conditions

Terms and Conditions for classes, courses and workshops

Budapest Afterschool operates on a two semesters basis. Classes, courses and afterschool workshops are called sessions and they all last 90 minutes in the afternoons.

Students may attend a single weekly session or a combination of sessions that fit their age, interests and level of English.  Any combination is possible, the more the better for the learning and practice.

We also encourage all our students and their families to participate in our family events, study trips and Summer Camps. ( Check out our School Calendar here.) 

You can start your enrolment here or just send an email or call us. 


Parents may decide to pay the tuition fee on a semester basis (98 500 HUF/semester/session) or an academic year basis (197 000 HUF/academic year/session). If the annual fee is paid in one amount on, or before the 6th, September 2021 a 10 000 HUF deduction is granted. Alternatively, fees can be paid in two parts on, or before, the first day of each semester. The prices are the same for native and second language learners. For new students there is a registration fee of 27 000 HUF/family that is paid when the student enrols to Budapest Afterschool.

Annual fees – 2020/2021 school year

Session/s (class, course, afterschool club) per week lasting 90 minutes Annual fee in HUF 2 fee payment in HUF Once-only registration in HUF
Attending 1 session 197 000

(187 000 with early payment option)

2 X 98 500 27 000
Attending 2 sessions 394 000
(384 000 with early payment option)
2x2x 98 500 27 000

Semester dates

Lessons are provided on the weekday working days within these periods, excluding public and Hungarian school holidays. The definitive class schedule is the Budapest Afterschool school calendar.

  Beginning of classes End of classes
Semester 1 06 September, 2021 31 January, 2022
Semester 2 01 February, 2022 17 June, 2022

You can start your enrolment here.

Other terms and conditions

  1. The Registration fee for new students is payable once only at the start of the first year a student joins Budapest Afterschool. The Registration fee is only payable for the first family member and that covers everyone in the family.
  2. There are no refunds of school fees.
  3. Students who do not attend school, for whatever reason, will not receive refunds. If a student miss class(es), Budapest Afterschool is not obliged to provide a substitute class. However, in reality we are happy to do so IF there is a suitable and available class for the student. This must be agreed in advance with the School Director. Make up classes, if agreed, must be scheduled within two weeks of the class missed.
  4. Budapest Afterschool is responsible for students during the lesson duration only. In the event that you know in advance that you will be late, please let us know.
  5. Budapest Afterschool provides all materials for class.
  6. Budapest Afterschool reserves the right to change classes and teachers at their discretion, according to its operational needs.
  7. In the event that different discounts apply to one family or family member, only one discount can be used.
  8. Students must follow the safety protocols of the school. No additional insurance is paid for students as they all must have their own Hungarian TB or other insurance coverage.
  9. We encourage all students to complete home learning set and to use English at all times in class.