New Courses

New Courses coming to Budapest Afterschool in September, 2021!

We continue to offer a wide variety of courses this coming Fall. Everyone can find a course that suits them, from the smallest family member to even the adults.

Rock and Roll, Baby!

English music and story morning for Mums, Dads and Children

It is probably a well-known fact by now that a baby’s first few years are crucial to development. This is when the world is opening up for them. Our mother-toddler group stimulates the language, social and motor skills of young children, while providing a place for parents and other toddlers to socialise.

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Mini-English ENL

Young Beginners’ English for Native Speaker 3-5 Year Olds

Our Beginners’ English class, Mini-English ENL , is for children who are native speakers or functional native speakers of English. This may be because one or both parents are native speakers of English and/or the child has attended an English medium school for a minimum of two years. The course uses a cross curricular approach to enable children to develop academic English appropriate to their age through highly-engaging topics, UK teaching materials and collaborative learning activities. An important extra focus in our programme is encouraging the development of critical thinking and creativity.

We are planning to start a second course on Tuesdays due to the popularity of our current Mini-English class.

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Science Class in English for 6-8 year olds

Our new science course for primary school children launching in September is designed to develop the English of native or confident speakers between the ages of 6 and 8 through an exploration of Science topics. Through experiments, interactive activities and state-of-the-art teaching materials the children will gain knowledge, confidence and creative and critical thinking skills.

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English Activate! for Intermediate Speakers

English Class for Adults

Are you bored by all the adult English classes that are supposed to be  “communication-based” but in reality they’re just grammar, grammar, grammar? In our new English Activate! for B1-2 level speaker our intermediate English class offers a real solution to your problem. This course is perfect for people with a general English knowledge who are not confident enough to use the language they know, and also wish to acquire new language and put it to active use.

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About Budapest Afterschool

We are an English school in the heart of Buda. We provide an English-speaking environment for kindergarten, primary and secondary school children, with a variety of classes and programmes with native speaking English teachers.

All our teachers are English native speakers and qualified. We believe that good teaching is based on good relationships with the children. Classes are hands-on and enjoyable. Our aim is to give children, who may be attending more traditional content and test-centred schools, access to a different style of learning. We encourage them to be pro-active and develop their cognitive and creative skills alongside their English.

Classes are 90 minutes long on weekday afternoons,  in small groups, in our location in Buda.

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