Hungarian Adult Classes

Hungarian as a Foreign Language for Adults

Are you looking for Hungarian adult classes that motivate you? Would you like classes to be interactive and fun? Do you prefer modern and effective methods of learning?

Our Hungarian as a Foreign language course for adults focuses on practical language skills. Coming to a new country can be daunting, especially when they speak an unfamiliar and complicated language. However, Hungarian isn’t as scary as it first sounds!

Why learn Hungarian?

  • In practical everyday transactions, It’s rare to find a teller, clerk, or cashier who speaks fluent English.
  • Most Hungarians still struggle with speaking a second language. Adults especially. While (slowly but surely) they are getting better at it, we can meet them halfway. This way new  experiences, family programmes, and cultural events will become available to you.
  • Speaking a foreign language is always a useful skill and brain workout.
  • Understanding a completely different language family will introduce you to a whole new system of logic.
  • Whether you’re only here for a short time or plan to live here for the foreseeable future it is always best to learn the local language. While obviously it takes a long time to master Hungarian, simple communication is much appreciated, and will open up a whole new world pretty fast. Say “csókolom” to your neighbour old lady and they will welcome you with open arms and home-made baked goods. A complete win-win if you ask us.

So why us?

  • We teach useful, everyday Hungarian so you can communicate with your Hungarian peers in no time.
  • While there are some amazing Hungarian resources for online learning, none can replace group learning with a qualified native Hungarian speaker teacher.
  • We use a unique curriculum made specially for our Hungarian adult classes.
  • Our communicative teaching methods help students to learn Hungarian in an engaging and interactive way. As opposed to our text-book based counterparts, we aim to teach our students through topic-centred lessons, where the grammar is built into the topics.
  • We employ qualified teachers: just because it’s someones native language doesn’t mean they can teach it. Our teachers are experts in teaching Hungarian as a foreign language.

When and where?

Course Description

This class is an introductory course into Hungarian for adults. The students will learn basic Hungarian grammar, phrases and expressions. Through hands-on, experimental learning they will learn about engaging topics designed for beginner learners. Early reading and writing  and interactive beginners speaking activities will provide them with a strong base understanding of, and ability to use, the language.

Course Information

The course will launch in  September.

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