English Activate! B1-2 Online

Online Adult English classes for B1-B2 level

Are you bored by all the classes that are supposed to be  “communication-based” but in person they’re just grammar, grammar, grammar? In our English Activate! for B1-2 adult English class we offer a real solution to your problem.

There’s no reason adults can’t have fun while learning a new language!

How do we do this? A weekly engaging and authentic topic will help to create discussion and vocabulary building. Our adult English class also addresses complex grammatical point(s) that arises during discussion of the given topic. As a result we are able to focus on developing oral fluency and sophistication in a fun and engaging way.

All our teachers are qualified native English speakers with years of experience.

When and where?

  • Class time: Tuesdays, 12:15-13:45
  • Location: Online

Course fee

Sessions per week lasting 90 minutes Course fee in HUF Once-only registration fee in HUF
17 sessions 98 500 27 000

Read more about our fees and terms and condition here.

Other important information:

  • The first semester will run from September till the end of January
  • The course fee includes all costs and materials needed for class.

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