Beginner English class: Activate! for A2 level

Adult English classes for A1-2 level

Are you bored by all the adult English classes that are supposed to be  “communication-based” but in reality they’re just grammar, grammar, grammar? In our new English Activate! for A2 level speaker our False Beginner English class offers a real solution to your problem. This course is perfect for people with a basic English knowledge who are not confident enough to use the language they know, and also wish to acquire and put to active use new language.

Who is a False Beginner?

A False Beginner is someone who has already received some kind of English education in the past and can say basic sentences, has a simple vocabulary and keyphrases, yet does not feel ready to express ideas, or converse confidently yet. In other words, you can order a coffee or go shopping, but would struggle talking about your views on living in Hungary.

There’s no reason adults can’t have fun while learning a new language!

How do we do this? A weekly topic of genuine interest will help to create discussion and vocabulary building. Our adult Beginner English class also corrects and addresses grammatical pointa that arise during speech. As a result we are able to focus on developing oral fluency and sophistication in a fun and engaging way.

All our teachers are qualified native English speakers with years of experience.

When and where?

  • Class time: Wednesdays 11:00-12:30
  • Location: 1026 Budapest Pasaréti út 12.

Course fee

Sessions per week lasting 90 minutes Course fee in HUF Once-only registration fee in HUF
17 sessions 96 000 25 000

Read more about our fees and terms and condition here.

Other important information:

  • The course will run from September to end of January.
  • The course fee includes all costs and materials needed for class.

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