Adult Courses

Our Adult Courses

We at Budapest Afterschool believe that learning can be fun and entertaining. There’s no reason this should only apply to children. That’s why we are launching our new adult courses!

We offer the following adult courses:

English Activate for B1!

Due to popular demand we decided to start our very first adult class: English Activate!

This course is perfect for B1-B2 level speakers who want to improve fluency and sophistication of their English as a second language by exploring weekly topics of genuine interest, with built-in language development.

Click here to find out more about our English Activate! B1-2 programme!


NEW! – English Activate for False Beginners!

We are launching an Activate class for A2 level speakers. This class is perfect for people with a basic knowledge of English who are not yet fluent enough to comminucate confidently.

Find out more about our English Activate for False Beginners course here!


Contact us if you’re interested in starting this course.

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